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ROSA - Robotic Hip Technology for Hip Replacement

ROSA, a robotic surgery assistant, is cutting edge technology that assists surgeons during and after extensive medical procedures by allowing for greater accuracy, faster recovery time, reduced pain, and minimal scarring . Specifically for performing hip replacements, orthopedic surgeons use ROSA to achieve three main goals: positioning of the cup (which is the artificial hip joint socket), limb length, and soft tissue balance.

While the ROSA robot is a very specialized tool that acts as an aid to orthopedic surgeons, the surgery is still performed by the hands of the doctors. ROSA has furthered orthopedic surgery greatly. The primary goal of the surgeon is, and will always be, patient care. Advancements in technology such as ROSA allow such a goal to be reached consistently.

Visit the links below to gain better insight into how ROSA is changing orthopedic medicine:

LSSH Video:

ROSA Robotic Hip Technology ft. Dr. Malcolm Stubbs

Discover Lafayette Podcast:

Dr. Malcolm Stubbs, Orthopedic Surgeon, on ROSA Robotic Hip Surgery

Malcolm Stubbs, MD

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