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Arthroscopy Specialist

Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic

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Arthroscopy is a procedure that allows surgeons to diagnose and treat joint problems through small incisions. At Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic in Lafayette, Louisiana, Louis Blanda Jr., MD, David Muldowny, MD, Malcolm Stubbs, MD, Jayme Trahan, MD, and Daniel Hodges, MD, perform arthroscopy procedures. To schedule an arthroscopy consultation with skilled orthopedic surgeons, call the office or book an appointment online today.

Arthroscopy Q&A

What is an arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that helps diagnose and treat conditions that affect the joints. 

During an arthroscopic procedure, the Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic surgeons make a small incision at the joint undergoing examination. Then, they insert a pencil-sized instrument with a small lens and lighting system — an arthroscope. 

The arthroscope magnifies and illuminates the internal structures of the joint and sends those images to a television monitor. Your orthopedic surgeon uses the images to diagnose and treat your joint condition. 

Who needs arthroscopy?

Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic performs arthroscopy procedures to diagnose and treat many joint problems and conditions. Your provider may recommend it if you have:


Synovitis is an inflammation of the joint lining and may affect the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or ankle.

Acute or chronic joint injury

You may benefit from arthroscopy if you have a new or old injury to your shoulder, knee, or wrist. The surgeons perform arthroscopy to diagnose and treat cartilage tears, tendon tears, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis developing from the loss of cartilage that separates the bones making up the joint. 

Loose bodies

The surgeons perform arthroscopy to remove loose bodies from the joint, such as fragments of detached bone or cartilage that gets trapped inside the joint. 

What happens during arthroscopy?

Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic performs arthroscopic procedures using general, spinal, or local anesthesia. Your orthopedic surgeon customizes your arthroscopic surgery plan based on your diagnosis and needs and reviews the details of your procedure at your pre-surgery visit.

Your provider makes a small incision and inserts the arthroscope. They may make additional incisions to insert other tools and instruments to perform any necessary procedure. 

Your provider removes the arthroscope and instruments and closes the incisions. 

Before sending you home, your surgeon provides instructions on how to care for your incisions, as well as activities you need to avoid and exercises you can perform to support your recovery.

How long is recovery following an arthroscopy procedure?

Recovery following arthroscopy varies; however, most patients resume normal activities within a few days. Your surgeon at Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic refers you to their on-site physical therapy clinic for a personalized rehabilitation program to help speed up your recovery. 

Find out more about arthroscopy at Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic by calling the office or scheduling a consultation online today.